Must Have Free Assets From Unity AssetStore


Objective :

In this we are creating list of some must have free assets from Unity AssetStore.

Unity Assets List :


Cameras :

  1. RTS camera : Best Camera assets in Unity AssetStore.
  2. EZ Camera Shake : The EZ Camera Shake system provides a versatile implementation of procedural camera-shaking animation.
  3. GhostFreeRoamCamera : Free flying ghost roaming camera, in a FPS style.

AI :

  1. RAIN AI for Unity : A very powerful A* plugin for Unity 4 & 5. Uses tree binding.
  2. Unity Movement AI : A library of steering behaviors to help your NPCs move around your game.
  3. TopDown AI : This is an example of Top Down Shooter AI for the Unity game engine.

Animations :

  1. TakeDown Animations : 12 Takedowns animations package.
  2. Magic Pack : 55 awesome animation from mixamo.
  3. Animated Horse : Beautifully Animated Horse.
  4. Warrior Pack Bundle 2 FREE : This asset contains 3 animations for each of the 4 warriors in the pack.
  5. Huge FBX Mocap Library part 1 : It contains 2,534 mocap FBX animations all organized into groups -1.
  6. Huge FBX Mocap Library part 2 : It contains 2,534 mocap FBX animations all organized into groups -2.
  7. Huge FBX Mocap Library part 3 : It contains 2,534 mocap FBX animations all organized into groups -3.
  8. Melee Axe Pack : 55 mixamo animations for axe-wielding, skull bashing, dragon slaying barbaric types.

Scene Creation :

  1. ProBuilder Basic : Building prototype levels easily.
  2. UPA Toolkit: Pixel Art Editor : Making Pixel Art inside Unity.

Testing Tools:

  1. Unity Test Tools : Unity Test Tools allows you to test Unity content.

Complete Projects :

  1. Color Switch Clone : Must have for the beginner, you will learn a lot form this assets.
  2. C# game examples : Learn Unity game coding by example.
  3. SPRING PONG : If you want to learn, how to create professional 2d unity game, this is very helpful.
  4. AssetBundle Manager & Example Scenes : This package contains the AssetBundle Manager and a series of Simple Example.

Scripting :

  1. LeanTween :  An efficient tween engine for Unity  that offers a many  features. It is very useful if you want to add beautiful tween effect to your object in your game.
  2. TouchScript : TouchScript is a multitouch library for Unity. TouchScript makes handling complex gesture interactions on any touch surface much easier.
  3. Spawner – Free : Very easy simple spawner system for unity.
  4. EZ Object Pools : The EZ Object Pools system is designed to be simple to set up and easy to integrate into existing projects.
  5. Log Viewer : Using this tool you can easily check your editor console logs inside the game itself! even on mobile.
  6. Ink Unity Integration : Ink is the open source narrative scripting language developed by Inkle.
  7. Google Maps for Unity : Google Maps for Unity makes it very easy to load up a map from google and use it as a texture in your game.

Input Management :

  1. Joystick Pack : It contains multiple different virtual joysticks which can be easily used in your scripts.


  1. SpriteLights : Beautiful Light Asset.
  2. Day and Night Cycle : A simple day and night cycle system.

Shaders :

  1. Toon Shader Free : A free toon shader – render your 3d models in a toon style.
  2. Gem Shader : It’s perfect for shiny jewelry or pickups.
  3. Free MatCap Shaders : 9 free MatCap-like Shaders!
  4. Lava Flowing Shader : Lava Flowing Shader allows you to create lava flowing effect on mesh/plane.

Plugins :

  1. Mobile Native PopUps : Plugin will allow you to add native platform popups and preloaders in your project.
  2. Ultimate Unified API : The Reign Ultimate Unified API is a cross-platform, unified API for the Unity game engine.

Threading :

  1. Thread Ninja : This Assets helps you write multithread coroutines with very simple script, Very easy to use.
  2. More Effective Coroutines : More Effective Coroutines is an improved implementation of Unity’s coroutines.

3D Models :

  1. Mini Mike’s Mini Metros : An urban collection of over 400 models for building a small city.
  2. Free Rocks : Add realistic rocks to your game.
  3. Nature Starter Kit 2 : Create your own forests and meadows with this free asset bundle!
  4. Destroyed City FREE : Very helpful while prototyping.
  5. Simple Modular Street Kit : With this assets, its very easy to create roads in unity.
  6. Planet Earth Free : The #1 Planet Earth Package.
  7. Town Houses Pack : Collection of highly detailed low-poly 3d buildings.
  8. Free SciFi Fighter : Beautiful Spaceship Fighter Model.
  9. “Unity-chan!” Model : The cute 3D model girl “Unity-chan!” (Kohaku Ootori) has come from the Japanese game scenes!


  1. QS Materials Nature – Pack Grass vol.1 : This pack contains six grass textures that are perfectly tileable at 512×512 pixels in PNG format.
  2. QS Materials Nature – Pack Grass vol.2 : This pack contains 06 grass textures that are perfectly tileable at 1024×1024 pixels in PNG format.


  1. 2D Sky FREE : 2D Sky FREE contains low-resolution textures and a demo scene.
  2. Sky5X One : A set of five free beautifull skyboxes.

Audio :

  1. SYNTH BOX : Synth Box is several game genre audio loops.
  2. Soundbits : Amazing Sound FX.

Effects :

  1. Realtime Reflections : It is comprehensive solution to all your reflection needs.
  2. Cinematic Image Effects pre-release : A set of image effects.

Inventory Management:

  1. Inventory System : The Inventory System & Editor Extension is a complete Inventory.

Dialogue System:

  1. VIDE Dialogues : VIDE (Versatile Interactive Dialogue Editor) simplifies the creation of complex, interactive dialogues by providing the user with a simple Player-NPC node connection interface

These are the some must have assets, if you are a unity game developer, these are really helpful

I am continuously updating this list, and please write in comments section if you know any of the amazing asset that you want me to add in this list.

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