Unity Interview Questions


In this, I am going to list some of the very commonly asked interview questions for unity developer profile.

Unity Engine Specific Question :

  1. Difference between Update,Fixed Update and Late Update.
  2. What is Prefabs in Unity 3D?
  3. What is the use of AssetBundle in Unity?
  4. What is difference between Resources and StreamingAssets Folder.
  5. What is Batching and what is the use of Batching?
  6. Difference between Destroy and DestroyImmediate unity function
  7. Difference between Start and Awake Unity Events
  8. What is the use of deltatime?
  9. Is this possible to collide two mesh collider,if yes then How?
  10. Difference between Static and Dynamic Batching.
  11. What is the use of Occlusion Culling?
  12. How can you call C# from Javascript, and vice versa?
  13. Arrange the event functions listed below in the order in which they will be invoked when an application is closed:

C# related Questions :

  1.  Difference between Class and Structure.
  2. What is Coroutine,is it running on new thread?
  3. Difference between Stack and Heap.
  4. What do you mean by Inheritance ? Explain with example.
  5. What do you mean by Polymorohism? Explain with example.
  6. What is overriding ?
  7. What is overloading ?
  8. Difference between overriding and overloading.
  9. What is the use of Virtual keyword ?
  10. Difference between Static Class and Singleton.
  11. What is Abstract Class ?
  12. Difference between Abstract Class and interface.
  13. What is Serialization and De-Serialization ?
  14. Does C# support multiple inheritance ?
  15. What do you mean by Generic Function or Generic Class ?

I will keep updating this list, so stay tuned …

If you know any other question, please feel free to write down in the comment section.


  1. Kimard

    Interesting, will you them soon?

  2. Jake B.

    Love this blog, great posts. Small typo though under C# related Questions #5 “Polymorohism” 🙂

    1. UG Post author

      I am glad that you found it helpful. Thanks for pointing typo. I will update the post

  3. moh

    it’s interesting.
    Some of these questions were asked from me during the interview.
    Please add these :
    What are the design patterns?
    Have you worked with the linq?

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